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Go! Skills Business Communication Training

Train the communication skills required for performing tasks professionally in the workplace.

Learn both language and essential communication techniques with Go! Skills

Effective communication in business is essential for attaining high performance and reaching goals. It involves managing a constant flow of information involving large numbers of people in various levels of hierarchy. Communication is goal-oriented and those who are able to master the art of conveying meaning are able to manage tasks more efficiently and work more successfully in a team, avoiding misunderstandings and being able to negotiate delicate situations and coordinate groups of people to perform complex tasks.

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“I have recently finished a one-to-one presentation skills training with Mr. Mark Heather as my coach. During the course we focussed on all the areas necessary in order to deliver an excellent presentation: designing PowerPoint slides with high visual impact, effective body language using video-analysis, structuring, using rhetoric devices and many more..
Thanks to Mr. Heather my confidence in my presentation skills ability has improved dramatically and from two presentations I held since the training I received extremely positive feedback. Thank you!”
Dr. Ralf Supplit, Head of Chemical Lab and Raw Material Development

Is our Go! Skills training right for you?

We have delivered training to every kind of organisation:

  • Any company that needs to communicate in a foreign language
  • Any company that has to build strong relationships with people in other countries
  • Any company interested in doing business in a foreign country
  • Any company which considers communication skills a key area of the daily business
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Welcome to the Flipped Classroom!

1. Preparation

Prepare interactive activities prepared by the trainer on the Go! platform. Learn new vocabulary and expressions, listening skills, improve reading comprehension by reading various stimulating articles.

2. Live Session

Meet the trainer either face-to-face in the classroom environment or remotely via telephone or VoIP applications such as Skype or Citrix for a dynamic interactive session focused on speaking and reviewing preparation tasks.

3. Consolidation

Review everything you have learned during the live sessions by going through the session report prepared for you by your trainer.

Go! Skills Courses

Our courses are customised for your organisation based on a thorough needs evaluation. Below are the essential areas of business communication in the workplace.

Management Communication

  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Negotiating
  • Relationship Building

Communication skills to persuade and lead others. Chairing meetings, negotiating contracts, terms and conditions, presenting products and services, networking and meeting customers.

Business Office Communication

  • Telephoning
  • Writing emails
  • Customer service

Mastering daily communication with perform tasks professionally on the telephone, writing emails and supporting customers. 

Human Resources Communication

  • Recruitment
  • Job interviewing
  • Dealing with conflict

Dealing with employees from the recruitment stage to conducting interviews, asking the right questions, negotiating contracts, hiring and supporting the workforce.

Presentation Skills

  • Structuring a talk
  • Using humour
  • Connecting with your audience

Presenting is one of the most important areas of business communication. The ability to convey messages and influence a large number of people is an essential management skill. 

Negotiating Skills

  • Meetings
  • Being diplomatic
  • Being persuasive
  • Relationship building

Learn to navigate critical discussions and delicate topics with colleagues, partners, suppliers, customers or clients.

Technical Language

  • Industry-specific
  • Language for Special Purposes
  • Specialist terms and expressions

Learn and practice your company specific language in focus from experts of the given field.

Meet the Team!

Find out more about our training team, their background and how they can support you!

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Looking for a different solution?

If Go! Skills is not the solution you are looking for, please see below the other services we provide.

Go! Blended Face-to-face

Traditional Classroom with our Go! Digital platform

  • Direct contact with the trainer
  • Manage learning on online dashboard
  • Fresh and stimulating digital activities
  • 1:1 Individual coaching or group sessions
  • Track progress and satisfaction

Go! Blended Virtual

Learn any language with a virtual trainer, anywhere and anytime you want!

  • Connect with your virtual trainer via online HD quality video-conferencing or telephone
  • Applications include Skype, Lync (Skype for Business), GoToMeeting, WebEx, Viber
  • Flexible scheduling either on-demand or regular appointments
  • Select one personal coach or work with several trainers from around the world
  • 1:1 individual coaching or group sessions
  • Learn at your own pace in your own style

Go! Blended Tutoring

Motivation is key! Improve your self-paced learning progress having a personal Language Trainer

  • Self-study learning, with personal and motivational support
  • Monthly contact with tutor
  • Learn from the experts how to boost your study skills
  • Available for one-to-one and group sessions
  • Track your own progress