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Trainers are the engine. Professionals who inspire and educate.

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Native Trainers All languages and wide-range of regional variations

Online English teacher from USA
  • English
  • USA
Online English teacher from UK
  • English
  • UK
Online French teacher from France
  • French
  • France
Online German teacher from Germany
  • German
  • Germany
Online German teacher from Austria
  • German
  • Austria
Online Spanish teacher from Spain
  • Spanish
  • Spain
Online Italian teacher from Italy
  • Italian
  • Italy
Online Portuguese teacher from Portugal
  • Portuguese
  • Portugal
Online Spanish teacher from Mexico
  • Spanish
  • Mexico
Online Russian teacher from Russia
  • Russian
  • Russia
Online Czech teacher from Czech Republic
  • Czech
  • Czech Republic
Online Croatian teacher from Croatia
  • Croatian
  • Croatia
Online Portuguese teacher from Brazil
  • Portuguese
  • Brazil
Online Swedish teacher from Sweden
  • Swedish
  • Sweden
Online Greek teacher from Greece
  • Greek
  • Greece

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Trainers from around the globe

We are very proud of our dedicated and hard working staff. These individuals are not only highly knowledgeable but well- experienced and well- travelled. Working together as a team helps us provide you with a steady source of simply the best courses.

  • 250+ trainers worldwide
  • 25+ countries
  • 15+ languages

  • 1,000+ sessions each month
  • 98% student satisfaction
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Providing you with the perfect blend!

Go! Blended from MHC Business Language Training is a fully blended language and communication skills solution for corporations large and small.

Flipped Classroom : Three-Step Methodology


Trainer assigns activities

  • Study time: 30-90 minutes
  • Customised activities prepared by your trainer
  • Focus: grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading

Live Session

Connect with your trainer

  • Session Time: 30-90 min.
  • Connect face-to-face or via telephone, Skype, LYNC (Skype for Business) or Citrix (GoToMeeting)
  • Focus: speaking, fluency, activation


Complete follow-up tasks

  • Revision Time: 30-60 min.
  • Receive session report with summary and new words entered into flashcard tool
  • Focus: writing, refresh vocabulary and grammar

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Go! Blended Face-to-face

Traditional Classroom with our Go! Digital platform

  • Direct contact with the trainer
  • Manage learning on online dashboard
  • Fresh and stimulating digital activities
  • 1:1 Individual coaching or group sessions
  • Track progress and satisfaction

Go! Blended Virtual

Learn any language with a virtual trainer, anywhere and anytime you want!

  • Connect with your virtual trainer via online HD quality video-conferencing or telephone
  • Applications include Skype, Lync (Skype for Business), GoToMeeting, WebEx, Viber
  • Flexible scheduling either on-demand or regular appointments
  • Select one personal coach or work with several trainers from around the world
  • 1:1 individual coaching or group sessions
  • Learn at your own pace in your own style

Go! Blended Skills

Advanced business communication training in specific areas

  • Bespoke courses in presentation skills, negotiating, public speaking, communication and rhetoric, customer service or teleconferencing
  • Workshops created specifically for Human Resources personnel inc. interviewing skills and oral communication
  • Perfect for directors, busy managers and high potentials
  • Customised courses designed just for you

Go! Blended Tutoring

Motivation is key! Improve your self-paced learning progress having a personal Language Trainer

  • Self-study learning, with personal and motivational support
  • Monthly contact with tutor
  • Learn from the experts how to boost your study skills
  • Available for one-to-one and group sessions
  • Track your own progress